Ashley Tisdale’s Suprise Meeting w/ Jessica Simpson

Ashley Tisdale Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Best Reaction Ever! Stars freaks out too when they see other Big Stars, Oh,
    m G! i sooo love Ashley Tisdale :D 

  2. VampireDiaries787

    Lol Ashley is soo cute n funny…i was like lmfao the whole vid :D

  3. that funn love it <3 I LOVE YOU ASHLEY C=

  4. haha so funny that she still could be star struck:P

  5. LOL that was funny!

  6. she’s totally cracked up

  7. wheelingdude12

    that would be my reaction minus the girly stuff, with my Ranger Idols, Amy
    Jo Johnson, and Jason David Frank

  8. ummm wow isnt she famous???? uhhhhh….

  9. ahaha=)) LoL.. well i LOVE YOU MORE ash!!

  10. omg i lopve how ur freakin out cuase ur meeting one of ur fave celebs just
    like how we would frek out to meeet u!

  11. hey bri this is rach ur right this vid is funny ;)

  12. @Yoghurt000 She feels like a make a wish child

  13. hahahah i love this so much! i love her and jessica simpson!

  14. Christopher Day

    Yet…she’s cuter and more talented than Jessica Simpson. I know that
    doesn’t mean much, but STILL…it’s weird.

  15. rose97iloveleo

    such a drama queen!

  16. xoxoMuSiiCLoVexoxo

    haha no problem. ;]

  17. halliealwayssweet

    I have the ashley tisdale moviewith this clip in it! Omgsh I would have
    freaked even more if I got to meet you!

  18. LykeCompletelyRandom

    I don’t think she meant it in a rude way, I think she just meant that now
    she knows how the kids at the Make A Wish Foundation feel when they meet

  19. jmacforeverfan

    she’s just sooo cute!! LoL!~

  20. She is just a human being, just like Ashley and not Simpson, Tisdale.

  21. That Make a Wish joke wasn’t even funny..

  22. HAHA!!!! That is sooooooo funny and cute!!!!! I would totally do the exact
    same thing!!!! I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. hahhaha this is so funny, it’s so cool that our stars have their stars :D

  24. well where is jessica ? why didn’t they shoot their meeting ?

  25. I LOVE U <3333333333333 !!!!!