Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer teenage dream

Ashley Tisdale Video Ranking: five / 5

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  1. xxxShootingStarxxxx

    The vid is from paula abdul – dance like there’s no tomorrow behind the scenes…. Wait are you bulgarian

  2. Great video. I love it. Where did you find that video of scott at 0:44

  3. xThinkPink4everx33x

    omg, this is so freakin’ cute ♥

  4. finally a video of them! Unfortunately there aren´t many of them here on Youtube. I loved them as a couple!

  5. hey you never know

  6. xxxShootingStarxxxx

    /watch?v=dQPprNPVcic that is the video 

  7. where’d you get the video at 0:23?

  8. Me too , me too…help me…I Miss them sooo much….:(

  9. @xxxShootingStarxxxx make others Scottley’s videos thanx…4 me!

  10. Me Too….:(

  11. xxxShootingStarxxxx

    good idea but it’s not like she is going to watch it unfortunately

  12. you should send this to ashley on twitter :}

  13. xxxShootingStarxxxx

    it’s form their trip to hawaii but please don’t even said that they broke up i don’t wanna hear it hope it’s juts rummors

  14. xxxShootingStarxxxx

    thank you glad you like it…. about the 37,38 and 40 part i think i download them from tumblr and i thought they’r really good for the video

  15. Good job with the video i really liked it!!!:-) but can u tell me where and what the video was at 37,38 and 40