Ashley Tisdale- No princess lyrics

Ashley Tisdale Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. love the song

  2. rihanna wrote the song

  3. XxNatybebelindaxX

    I´m the one who´ll fight for you, I´m the one you´ll never lose… only

  4. Great song!!
    Love it!!
    Ashley tisdale is the best!!

  5. Amazing song!!

  6. ur nt…ur a QUEEN =D <3

  7. i luv this song!

  8. This is an amazing song! Lyrics! :3 Love it! :3 xx

  9. love it

  10. @MusicLover4ever959 you will ;)

  11. Yes. She is the most amazing singer in the WORLD!!

  12. SomeonelikeYou64

    No, it’s Ashley, thats her voice.:)

  13. @MusicLover4ever959 what song i´ll do? :)

  14. written by? or written for?

  15. تجنن مرا تجنن مرا واو

  16. @camiiz98 hehe now it´s done, check it ! <3

  17. I love this song! Ashley’s the best!<3

  18. MusicLover4ever959

    @camiiz98 No problem. Love to see more, actually.. :D

  19. @MusicLover4ever959 yes, i can try :) it takes me 1 week, cause i have
    never heard those songs ”:D

  20. ahley who said your not a princess you are i love this song

  21. @MusicLover4ever959 thank you! :)

  22. Where did you find this song? :)

  23. @camiiz98 no prblem… ähm…. maybe you can send me the viedeo per
    e-mail… i really would have it on the computer…

  24. MarshmellowKitty1231

    iTunes? :P

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