Ashley Tisdale – Never Gonna Give You Up

Ashley Tisdale Online video Ranking: two / 5

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  1. silentnightprodution


  2. DrizzlingDrizzlers

    I don’t listen to much pop, but that’s just my preference, but to be
    honest, people who click on the video, and listen to it for the soul
    purpose of cussing and dissing the girls version of an 80s pop song is
    stupid. A bunch of 20 and 30 something year olds, dissing a song that
    mainly appeals to 12 and 15 year old girls is like me going to a day care
    and listening to their nursery rhymes, and then telling them it sucked.

  3. Honey, it would be a good idea to learn to spell first.

  4. We should use this for rickrolls now, shouldn’t we?

  5. I prefer the original. Some songs appeal or are better with a specific
    style- in my opinion this ‘pop modernizing overload’ version does not go
    well-its just too overdone.

  6. I wonder what Rick Astley thinks of this…

  7. Not bad, but Rick Astley is better

  8. Tis Rolled?

  9. Disney Roll’d

  10. I don’t get it, I like her and her cover of this song.

  11. Love it! :)

  12. i need to give up cuz this

  13. Candace? Haha:)

  14. Rick ASHLEY. SMH, rickrolled by the High School Musical ho.

  15. i got ashley Tis’ed

  16. iplayourminecraft


  17. ParrotCarrotSnopper

    Why so many dislikes , I think this is pretty good! Well I think everything
    Ashley does is amazing!!

  18. am not good at english too, but i can read that, you just have to think of
    wat the “u” and other short forms of words stand for

  19. Not bad… but still prefer the original XD

  20. @MultiAriana101 U mad?

  21. Damian Wądołowski

    Original better!


  23. This is not okay. This is terrible. I hate this.

  24. 헐츄