Ashley Tisdale – I’m Back

Ashley Tisdale Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. She reminds me of Boa for some reason

  2. i love it

  3. omggg i love this song !!! ashley 4ever♥♥♥

  4. ZaynMalik Lover

    it rox its so nice and cool

  5. Umm… I just want to say that the song’s called, “I’M BACK” …So why the
    heck would it be I’M THAT?? just wondering

  6. i luv this song and very cool vid is ur fav singer ashley tisdale cuz i saw
    on ur channel that u have a lot of ashley songs

  7. is this her own song?? is it a song label? luv the video btw lol

  8. FanKristenStewart

    it´s have a look around not take a look around

  9. AmericanHorror Storyandmore

    her break up song are way better then Taylor Swift

  10. is this her own song?? is it a song label? luv the video btw lol

  11. love it

  12. this song is good great comeback :] i love this song ^^

  13. cutee font :-) xx.

  14. HudgensSupport1

    @xshimmerbluex it’s saying both at different times

  15. HudgensSupport1


  16. love this song. her own songs are sooo not disney.

  17. registratiadesso


  18. msdisneylover101

    wat software do u use? x

  19. justinbieber9046


  20. Its wasted time not wasting time

  21. Purple Melody

    its okay. i’ve heard better.

  22. DestineeDyanne

    Nope I don’t

  23. samuelkonvicted94

    cool video!!!!!!!! thks!!!!

  24. Nadine Garcia

    the song sounds like im that and im back

  25. Narutonumberonefan11

    if u wanna here another verison just search on youtube ashley tisdale i’m
    back [bonus track] much better … XD