Ashley Tisdale feat Ke$ha – Boy like you

Ashley Tisdale Video Rating: four / five

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  1. DixieYongGeneration

    Woaw !

    la chanson créve l’ecran !!!

  2. This song

  3. Very love

  4. Luv this song and ke$ha

  5. its fanmade idiots.. They face offical

  6. rituriyasunita

    It’s kesha feat Ashley not ashley feat kesha

  7. rituriyasunita

    Kesha is more beautiful

  8. Lol cool

  9. Ashley tisdale is more beautiful than kesha!!

  10. its amazing how much they look just alike

  11. LunaStarRocks

    Yeah why not I have tried so hard

  12. Why this song is not on iTunes?

  13. TheLadyGaga420

    This video is based on Ke$ha Take It Off…

  14. i’m pretty shure Ke$ha is Ashley Tisdale

  15. MsUltimate1984

    Its Take it Off by Ke$ha and He Said she Said by Ashley

  16. i love this song

  17. ClaudiaTiella

    I think it’s Take it off by Kesha.

  18. favo songg:D

  19. Mei myinicials

    It’s two different ones.

  20. hey this isn’t the actual video for this song right??? can someone please tell me which song’s video is this???

  21. Samantha leigh-kendall

    lol thats right

  22. NICE

  23. nice very nice

  24. Amazing!

  25. I love this !